Is INEC ready for a free and fair election in 2023?

Is INEC ready for a free and fair election in 2023?

I am beginning to entertain fears that INEC may not conduct a free, fair and transparent election in 2023. The latest redeployment of Engr Chidi Nwafor, the Director of ICT is a sign that all is not well.

Engr Chidi Nwafor was transferred from Abuja headquarters of INEC to Enugu. He was removed as INEC Director of ICT to a mere Administrative Secretary to INEC Enugu state.

It was Engr Chidi Nwafor who introduced the Bimordal Voting Accreditation System, BVAS. to replace the card reader. The BVAS has proven to be more liable and has largely eliminated rigging.

With BVAS, the issue of over voting, double voting and hijacking of ballot boxes having been eliminated. It also transmits results electronically to the INEC central serve.

More importantly, Engr Chidi Nwafor from information available to AIF Media introduced other applications to help eliminate double registration and ghost resignation.

The application is capable of sieving voters register and produce real voters. It helped in reducing dubious numbers of voters in some states to real organic voters.

Instead of promoting the brain behind this electoral innovation, he was demoted and transferred to Enugu as Administrative Secretary just 6 months to the election.

Is Prof Mahmood and INEC ready for a free and fair election in 2023. There are already doubts.

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