Fresh from last weekend’s smashing victory over challengers of the Arise Agenda of Pastor Umo Eno, at the Federal High Court in Abuja, the legal team of PDP are back in court today to begin the process of retiring another political adventurer, Akan Ekpe Okon.

Before the judgment delivered by Justice Obiora Egwatu on the ‘Friday Iwok and 30 others vs INEC, PDP, Adhoc Delegates’ case, infamously nicknamed “Status Quo Ante Bellum”, was completed, a serving senator, Bassey Albert had jumped from aboard the ship of peace and prosperity, to a sea of uncertainty and oblivion. Leaving his teaming supporters, including those he sent to the court, to be dumbfounded and confused.

This morning, Monday, July 18, in Uyo, the Federal High court doors are being flung opened as another defeated aspirant who polled a paltry 3 votes in the 2022 Governorship primaries of the PDP, Mr Akan Ekpe Okon, drags the eventual winner, Pastor Umo Eno that scored 993 votes, to the dock on allegations of forgery and lack of qualification.

I have battled so hard, refusing to buy into that speculation that a professional like Mr Akan Okon, who has been a certified banker, and subsequently a Commissioner in the State Executive Council for nine years, could be driven by fake prophecies, that he will be the next Governor of Akwa Ibom State. Currently, his hirelings are all over the social media ranting that their principal will be on the PDP ballot. “The prophet has prophesied that our boss will indeed be sworn in as the governor of the State.”

Obviously it was this false conviction that drove the former commissioner for Economic Development, to rush down to court for a legal battle on mere assumption that his former executive council colleague does not possess senior secondary school certificate. Whatever can make a man rush to court to challenge another’s credentials before even dashing to Ghana to verify his damning allegations, is beyond the ordinary.

As I am writing this piece, I am baffled to read from one of his submissions that because two school certificates have the names, Eno Umo Bassey and Bassey Umo Eno, it is reasonably suspected that they belong to different people and may have only been issued to, signed, collected and used by one person for about forty years without the true owner of the other copy protesting to the issuing body or complaining of his missing certificate.

So Mr Akan Okon wants people to buy into his assumption that Umo Bassey Eno who applied for verification of result from WAEC is different from Eno Umo Bassey whose name appears on the certificate. Or he wants the court to believe that the original certificate that had Victory High School and the one recently sent from the examination body, with Victory High School 1 are different and that the the previous one was forged because there was no ‘1’ attached to it? Has he not seen so many who were in the University of Cross River State, but today are called alumni of the University of Uyo?

Let us not forget that Akan Okon had in his originating summons, alleged that Pastor Umo Eno had not met the minimum qualifications to be a Governor, and that PDP ought to have disqualify him since the documents he paraded where forged and not authentic WAEC certificates; and that he himself should be declared Akwa Ibom governorship candidate after polling three out of over 1018 votes.

Akan also alleged that it was impossible for anyone writing Examinations in 1981 to have the kind of examination number Pastor Umo Eno had, forcing some of us to wonder where some numbers were not in existence as at that time. When indeed the result confirmation came from the issuing body, the petitioner immediately came up with another argument that there is a slash ‘/‘ sign in the number written on the confirmation letter. This foolish argument that there is a ‘/‘ sign in the recent authentication sent by WAEC, is akin Akon to saying that the phone number, +234-8039529*** is different from 2348039529***.

Now that Akan Okon’s prophet(ess) has allegedly told him to go to court because the documents Pastor Umo Eno is using belongs to a different person, and are no longer forged, has she told him the authentic owner of the documents?

With the court room doors now thrown wide open, we may as well begin countdown to an end of this legal gymnastics by political adventurers.

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